International filmmakers with St. Louis roots

There’s a reason we don’t call ourselves an agency, a studio, or a production house – we’re your team of creatives. We’re here when you need us, and not crowding your office when you don’t. When it comes to your brand, we share your vision and your goals and we’ve got the skills to reach your audience.

We take films from idea to delivery. Conceptualizing, writing, casting, shooting, and editing – we do it all.

Our commercials have shown around the country, including in Times Square, and our fundraising films have raised millions for causes worldwide.

We create cinematic films that move people via the mediums they use most. Whether it’s for broadcast, facebook, instagram, or that new app you haven’t heard of yet – we’ve got you covered.

Meet your creatives…

Ria | The Brains

Ria is alway 27 steps ahead. She’s the Sherlock to your Watson. If video marketing is your mystery, she'll solve it. When Ria hatches a production plan; it's guaranteed to go off without a hitch. We’re just grateful that she’s a Film Producer, and not a Bond style super villain.
AKA: Producer, Director, Writer
Favorite Phrase: “Ain’t got no time for no dilly-dally.”
Ria is a beach lover, steak enthusiast, and plot-line detective

Chadwell | The Artist

Chadwell’s camera is always rolling. Seriously, dude, turn it off. He’s been making films since he was 10 years old. No one took him seriously then, and some people still don’t. He doesn’t care, as long as you tell him he's a genius at least once a day.
AKA: Director of Photography, Editor
Favorite Phrase: “One more time.”
Chadwell is a record hoarder, misfit toymaker, and retro rollerskater

Max | The Strategist

AKA: Account Executive, Digital Marketing Specialist
Favorite Phrase: Is this really necessary?
Max is an artist, sword fighter and happy pessimist

Crozet | The Muscle

Cro is our own personal Macgyver. He builds camera gear in a flash and can strike a set like lightning. If you were stranded on an island you’d probably want Cro there. He’ll light you a fire, cook you a wild boar, and then build you a boat.
AKA: Assistant Camera, Gaffer, Grip
Favorite Phrase: “When do we eat?”
Cro is a grill master, kayak guide and a man of few words

Tim | The Philosopher

AKA: Head of East Coast Division, Director, VFX Artist
Favorite Phrase:
Tim is a

Evann | The Geek

Evann's got your back. No crack team is complete without a problem solving computer guru. She keeps the 1's and 0's playing nicely together; and if they don't she will turn this car right around! Just don't expect to catch her more than a few feet from her tiki mug collection or her command console.
AKA: Assistant Editor
Favorite Phrase: "you want me to do what?!??!"
Evann is a tiki nut, mixologist and yeti tracker