S.A.M. by Phantom Controls


MEET S.A.M. – The Scene Apparatus Manager by Phantom Controls. SAM handles all pump operations for the truck operator so he can focus on crew safety, crew needs, and fire ground operations. With SAM, the operator can always manage the truck from the best vantage point and the safest position.

Phantom Controls retro fitted this 17 year old fire truck with the new SAM system, and the truck is currently in service at one of the busiest engine houses in St. Louis.

We created this film to introduce SAM at FDIC 2017. 48 hours after its’ launch online, the film had been viewed over 300,000 times.

The future of the firetruck is here!


“Tree9 films is amazing to work with. Not only did they pay attention to what I was asking for they added significantly to the project. When you are doing something this tough by yourself it is a huge relief when people exceed your expectations!” – Jason, Phantom Controls