Virtual Performances Brought to Life

It has always been our goal to create films that grow audiences. For some clients that might look like reaching more people with a social media campaign, but for St. Louis arts organizations it has quite literally meant attracting larger audiences to their live performances.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been possible this year. We were filming The Big Muddy Dance Company’s annual gala film the day the first set of Covid-19 restrictions were announced. When the last spotlight went dark and we closed the stage door behind us, that theatre wouldn’t open again for months. Shows were canceled, rescheduled, and canceled again.

With so much uncertainty the world turned to virtual. Cue zoom fatigue. Watching your favorite performers from home seemed like a great way to continue to enjoy and support the arts, but the charm and excitement of the in-person experience was missing.

That’s why when The Big Muddy Dance Company asked if we’d film their virtual performance of Lemp Legends we jumped at the opportunity to create something different. We wanted to create a virtual performance where the audience still felt present. Performed at the Lemp Mansion, it was already so much more than a typical stage show. With some creativity from both camera crew and dancers we were able to provide a fresh experience and continue to safely grow their audience beyond St. Louis.

Lauren Warnecke of Arts Intercept said “I keep looking for examples of dance on film … that feel like a palatable replacement for watching dance live. With few exceptions, Lemp Legends provides the strongest evidence thus far that good dance is possible (enjoyable, even) in a pandemic. But that might not have been the case if, like so many others, they’d taken the filmmaking part less seriously.” Read the full Art Intercepts review here.

We’re continuing to look for new and creative ways to grow audiences via an online stage. If you’re interested in bringing life to your virtual performance reach out today!