The Heat Is On

When our crew is out filming for a project, we don’t always have the option to avoid our infamous St. Louis summer heat. But in our free time, when the cameras are off, each of us has our own way of enjoying summer without the sunburn, sweat, and heat rash.

Here are some ways to enjoy summer while avoiding the St. Louis heat, suggested by our team: 

Ria is a pro at keeping her cool. Come summertime, she finds indoor projects to keep her busy. Re-organizing Tree9’s collection of prop helmets, bell bottoms, and vintage toasters satisfies her need to stay organized and keeps Tree9 ready for anything.

To Chadwell, there is no such thing as overdoing it. When the humidity outside feels like soaking in a warm bath, you might find him on the roof with his laptop editing and sipping hot tea. To him, a heat advisory is the perfect time to go for an afternoon jog. How else could he keep up with the rigors of summertime filmmaking?

In the safety of his home, with his A/C window unit and a cold brew close by, Crozet stays cool while rockin’ some surf tunes on his guitar. No amount of summer heat can keep him from jamming out and having a good time.

When the temps start to rise passed 80 degrees, Max becomes a bit of a recluse. To keep active without acquiring a tan, (she hates those) Max likes to visit the local museums around town. Her favorite is the Saint Louis Art Museum, but if she’s feeling especially antsy from her self-imposed, summer cabin fever, she likes to spend the day playing inside of the City Museum downtown. 

St. Louis weather can be brutal. When the summer heat is on, Evann uses that time to investigate some new software or master a new tech toy. Researching exotic drinks is a year-round pastime for Evann and cooling off with a 1944 Original Mai Tai in her favorite vintage tiki mug is her ultimate heatwave escape!