Happy Valentine’s From Tree9

Dinner and a movie may seem overplayed to some, but to the hopeless romantics and film aficionados here at Tree9, it’s a classic way to spend Valentine’s Day.

We’ve checked in with the crew to see what they’re planning for food and entertainment this lovey-dovey holiday.

Chadwell & Ria

Our fearless leaders like to stay ahead of the curve. This year, they celebrated Valentine’s a day early, at Dave Bailey’s newest venture: Pop in Lafayette Square. Afterwards, they engaged in a battle of the sexes to determine which new movie they’d see. Was it a rom-com boy meets girl, or a suspense-thriller girl kills boy? Tune in next week to reveal the dramatic conclusion!



As a happy bachelor, for Cro, Valentine’s Day will be like any other day. After hitting the gym, he’ll crack open a cold one, grill himself a juicy steak, and forget the side of vegetables – who needs ’em right? Then he’ll settle in with his perfectly balanced meal to watch one of his favorite films: Napoleon Dynamite, or maybe just throw on The Office again, it’s just another regular night after all.


Max prefers to avoid the crowds. She’ll be enjoying dinner and a movie at home with her spouse. They’ll pick up some sushi from one of their go-to STL restaurants, Robata in Maplewood, and settle in at home to watch one of their favorite romantically inclined movies: The Artist. A unique film from 2011, The Artist is a silent, black and white drama set in 1920’s Hollywood. Filled with old movie glamour, comedy and romance, it’s a great watch for lovers of the Silver Screen, and according to Max, pairs well with a spicy tuna roll and a glass of hot sake.