Happy Halloween!

Here at Tree9 Films, we LOVE Halloween. Whether it’s spooky tales around a bonfire, cautiously walking through the creepy corridors of a haunted house, costume parties with spiked cider, or just curling up at home with a classic horror movie and that one friend who jumps at everything… we love it all!

We asked each of our crew members to share the one Halloween candy that they ravenously devour each year like zombies eating brains, and their go-to Halloween flick which they watch only in the dead of night like vampires. As a bonus, they’ve each included a favorite Halloween costume from a past witching season.

Don’t be scared, we swear they’re only costumes.




Favorite Halloween Film: Scream & Halloween

Favorite Halloween Candy: Twix & Twizzlers




Favorite Halloween Film: Ghostbusters

Favorite Halloween Candy: Hershey’s Cookies and Cream



Favorite Halloween Film: Son of Frankenstein

Favorite Halloween Candy: Milk Duds



Favorite Halloween Film: Frankenstein

Favorite Halloween Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups