Mama Said…

St. Louis Moms share the best advice they received from their own Mothers.

“My mom always said ‘Consider the source.’ This was such a valuable and layered piece of advice. Of course, when someone says something negative, it encourages you to think about where they are coming from and who they are as a person. But, it also has meaning when it comes from a place of positivity. Is the compliment genuine and authentic, etc.? As a writer, business owner, and PR professional, you always want to consider the source for the benefit of your clients, but also when vetting PR opportunities. Three words, a myriad of meanings and applications. I’m grateful and will definitely pass this piece of advice on to my two boys!”

Arco + Associates is a marketing communications firm focusing on marketing strategy, copywriting, branding and design, and public relations. For over a decade, Arco has helped clients all over the nation ensure their marketing investments support business goals.


Megan King-Popp, Urban Fort Play Cafe

‘Persist in love and kindness.’ In spite of difficulty, unkindness or the possibility of failure, my Mom is guided by love. It’s pretty incredible, and takes patience that is beyond my capability.

Megan is partner to Warren and Mama of Gideon. She just opened Urban Fort Play Cafe with the main intention of providing a relaxing spot for parents where their young kiddos are happily and safely entertained. The experience is complete with amazing coffee and delicious, wallet-friendly cafe fare.


‘Go to college’ My mother’s biggest regret was never finishing college and she made it her personal mission to make sure I got my degree. That one pivotal experience allowed me to build the knowledge and relationships and gain the experience needed to lay the foundation for a strong and fruitful life. I’ll always be grateful to her for instilling the importance of education in her children.”

Kamren has over 15 years of experience developing engaging communications for clients in a range of industries including nonprofits, educational institutions, and small businesses. She is a single mom of two who loves to grow and learn new things while striving to apply the principles of design and branding not just in her career but in life.


Isabel Kenney, Events By Izzy

“One valuable piece of advice my mom gave me is a phrase I find myself repeating often to my own children. ‘You don’t always get what you want.’ It’s a tough but important lesson to be learned but there’s comfort in knowing that God has his own plans for you and he knows best.”

Isabel teaches dance and runs her own event planning business. Her husband owns a remodeling company and together they have three handsome little boys.


‘Work hard, play hard!’ That’s the best advice my mother, Sylvia, has given me and it’s absolutely how she’s lived her life. I teach my daughter, Audrey, the same thing today. It’s important to work hard doing something you love (which never feels like hard work anyway…) and then to also kick back, take care of yourself, and have some fun.”

A third-generation female entrepreneur, Erin Joy understands the rewards and challenges of starting a company and fueling its success. She has made it her life’s mission to provide female business owners with the resources, services, and support they need to be successful in business and life.