Fundraising Films That Make a Difference

At Tree9, we make films to make a difference.

We have over 10 years’ experience working with nonprofits on fundraising campaigns, crafting films that motivate audiences to take action.

We can help create awareness for your cause, expand your donor base, inspire your volunteers, and create a vision of what you can accomplish with their support. Take a look at what we’ve created for The Big Muddy Dance Company, Camp Rainbow, and Friends of Kids With Cancer.

With a Tree9 film, you’ll be able to spread your passionate message continuously to a global audience, letting the whole world know what you and your volunteers are accomplishing — and how much more you could do with their financial assistance.

What could motivate potential donors more than a chance to see the joy in the faces of the persons being helped, mirrored by the joy in the faces of the persons helping them?

This is what a Tree9 film offers: the joy of making a difference.

Let’s make a difference together. Get in touch with us, just for the joy of it.